What is MAT ?

MAT or Medication-Assisted Treatment refers to the use of medication such as Suboxone to treat withdrawal symptoms so that patients can live a productive and healthy life without drugs like heroin or other opioids like Lortab. 

Our MAT Program

Bobby Scott & Associates Professional Counseling believes that everyone is a unique individual.  We use a team approach where you, our therapists and our psychiatric nurse practitioners develop a unique treatment plan for you.   Opioid dependence is a very difficult and potentially deadly problem to overcome and we are confident we can help!   Suboxone is a drug that if used correctly is life saving.   Our ultimate goal is for you to be completely drug free.  Our team will work with you on a plan to make your journey to recovery a positive and successful one.  We offer medication management, individual therapy (as needed) and MAT/DBT group therapy to teach skills to manage life stressors and increase your chances of success.  Call us today for an assessment to discuss your goals.