DBT (Dialectial Behavioral Therapy)

DBT is a skills based therapy which is scientifically proven to help people to learn and effectively manage their feelings and thoughts.   

DBT Skills Training

DBT Skills training either in our weekly DBT group or in therapy sessions provide clients the ability to manage emotions and thoughts more effectively thus decreasing the symptoms whether of depression, anxiety, mood disorders, anger, stress etc.   Our goal is for these skills to become a part of who our clients are making it easier to manage emotions and thoughts.

DBT Individual Therapy

Individual therapy addresses deeper issues as needed AND works to help clients APPLY the skills they are learning in group or in sessions with their therapists.  Therapists often used the DIARY CARD to target the symptoms which the client is struggling with most and focus on skills needed to effectively manger the emotions and thoughts. 

DBT Diary Card​

A DIARY CARD is simply a tool that clients log on a daily basis which helps track feelings, urges and behaviors.  Therapist work with the clients to examine current issues that need to be addressed in sessions to provide relief.  Clients daily review the skills they have learned and how they are using them or could use them more effectivel